Mental Health Forum

What is Depression?

Our purpose and beginning of this blog is to be a vessel to learn and perhaps share experience, strength and/or hope. We are not doctors, but people that share a common illness and disease.

The Reason For Gadget and Gear Guru

Gadget and Gear Guru is about the Mind, Body and Soul. Many of us live active lifestyles and need to simply take a moment and reset. Mental health is an invisible disease that can be overwhelming. Though we are not doctors or therapist. We are a group in common daily challenges and all need an outlet. This was created to be that outlet. 

Our product site was created in the thoughts of people that seek a better way in ones day to day moments. Exercise and the release of energy helps a great deal in all three areas. Electronics and phone devices offer some assistance to reset. Nothing like a real human being that can share their experience, strength and hope.


When it comes to mental health, it still seems to be a secret and invisible. Like any disease, it requires work and understanding from others.