What is Depression?

Well keep in mind, we are not doctors. 

Our purpose and beginning of this blog is to be a vessel to learn and perhaps share experience, strength and/or hope. We are not doctors, but people that share a common illness and disease. 

Depression comes in many forms. The one I will focus on is clinical depression. That is when a person has reoccurring episodes of depression that requires hospitalization. 

In some cases depression is a disease that sometimes can be cured. Now understand there is a difference between being depressed and having depression. The main difference is depression stays and stays. Being depressed is often a moment that soon goes away. 

It is said depression is hereditary. From what I have seen, that seems true. 

If one does not suffer from depression, I find people often think crazy, or an excuse. 

Depression is a disease. The main ways to treat depression is often through seeing a psychiatrist and therapist. 

Hopefully the doctor will give a prescription and see how the medication is working in a month. Some cases, patients have tried a host of different medications and still can’t find a way out of that heavy feeling that does not seem to surrender. 

Okay, so what does depression feel like? It takes on many forms. It is a battle with ones self. The body feels heavy, even joint pain exists. The mind is groggy like when one first wakes up. That feeling stays throughout the day. It gives the person a feeling of hopelessness and takes desires away.  

The person is not comfortable with ones self and often hard on to resentment and pain from the past.  I have found many that have depression are often very sensitive people and introverted. 

When having this disease, people tend to overeat or not est much at all. The feeling tends to be more suicidal than homicidal. Anxiety often comes as its evil friend too, and the battle to overcome the disease becomes harder. 

Many hospitals in the United States have closed and people that have mental health challenges are being incarcerated. People with this disease not help, not jail.

Medication it often helpful and don’t be surprised if you are on and off different types until you feel better. Listen to your doctor and be honest. They are there to help you.

Next post will give you some great ideas of web sites the can help. 

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